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High Quality Tourmaline Self-heating Support Waist Belt Lumar Brace Health Far Infrared Detachable Magnetic Therapy Heating PadsCut:S: 60-70 cm (inches: 23.62-27.56)M: 71-80...

High Quality Tourmaline Self-heating Support Waist Belt Lumar Brace Health Far Infrared Detachable Magnetic Therapy Heating Pads

S: 60-70 cm (inches: 23.62-27.56)
M: 71-80 cm (inches: 27.95-31.50)
L: 81-90 cm (inches: 31.89-35.43)
XL: 91-100 cm (inches: 35.83-39.27)
1. Measure take for waist circumference
2. The length can be stretched to 5-8cm plus
3. two self-heating Tourmaline mats are removable, it can be removed if it is not necessary

19cm Size design widening, with four curve steel strip, 2 auto-heating pads are removable, 18 pieces of high energy magnet

1. High elastic fiber fabric, fine texture, soft handle.
2. ventilated and breathable elastic side panels.
3. Adjustable Neoprene double traction braces.
4. Nano infrared thermal matrix of acupuncture points, heating quickly, lasting effect.
5. Relieve the pain associated with joint and back problems.
6. help relax muscles and reduce fatigue.
7. support the waist, maintain good posture so that have some effects on lose fat and keep some sort of slim
8.Technical design of the man: Four support nickelclads built-in support belt, in respect of lumbar motion engineering principle to protect lumbar better, beautiful and comfortable.
9. Secure lumbar: Effectively for back pain, correct body posture, and is useful for winter field or women after delivery. Rational product structure, easy to use, not feel bloated, suitable for treatment and personal health care.
10. Anti-slip and breathable: Adopts anti-slip treated net structure, to prevent slipping from wearing, good breathability, comfortable to wear long.

1. work well for such as lumbar disc herniation, lumbar spondylolisthesis,
Cataclase, lumbar bone hyperplasia, lumbar muscle degeneration, back pain, lumbar support and reduce pressure, care for you and your family size health.
2. Double-use nature: It can be either normal lumbar support, or a good physical lumbar therapy support belt.
Breathable: Air hole design, good breathability and comfortable wearing.
3. not tied by time and place, support your lumbar anytime and anywhere. A more effective and simpler lumbar-care prosuct.
4. Suitable for male and female
FAQ :( 9Plus FAQ please see end of this page)
1. The good use of self-heating Tourmaline products:
1) must first clean the skin with a warm moist towel, and use a warm moist towel (no water) pull to the hot surface moxibustion, and then directly attached to the skin, on 30 minutes the skin gradually feels fever and acupuncture (touch more compact and much better). Use once or twice a day, on 1 hour each time, could not wear when sleep, can also adjust the time and frequency port according to people's own circumstances. A small number of sensitive skin when the use of skin burns, redness, is a normal phenomenon, do not damage the skin, can short time.
2) When one feels too hot, can removed the Tourmaline products, the burning sensation will continue.
3) Some people do not need moist wet Tourmaline surface, also can quickly feel fever. Also some people can not feel the heat or heat is not enough after wet the Tourmaline surface, it is related the current physical condition of the user and the season.

Item Type: Braces & Supports
Brand Name: MEETCARE
Effect: Bone Care
Material: Composite Material
Model Number: MTS-QDHGBSD
Effect: Release Pain From Illness
Lumbar brace support: soution
Back brace: Black
Size: S-XL
Notice: pls choose the size before making order
Posture adjust: Four Steels Plate
Name: Braces & Supports
Function: Posture back brace relieve back pain
Material: Magnetic Therapy Back Waist Support
Fit for: Lumbar disc herniation

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